Security films


Safety films

Why use a security film?

Security film is mainly used to prevent and protect against burglary in the event of vandalism. This type of film is strong, tough and thick, which neutralizes the impact upon kicking and increases the resistance of the window to breakage. In case the window does break, security film holds it together thus not leaving indoor open to intruders.

In case of explosions, most serious injuries and deaths are caused by broken glass. Therefore, it is highly important to protect the windows. Security film is applied on the glass, depending on the purpose, either inside or outside. The film will stay intact and hold together the glass shards in case of breakage. In addition to holding the fragments together, security film also keeps the window in the frame, for example after the vandals have acted, thus protecting the building from the weather until the window can be replaced. Secure your windows with security film and have peace of mind!

Different security films

We offer a wide selection of security films, different thickness and strength to meet every need. Get a consultation from our experienced team to find the perfect film to suit your needs. Films with different properties are suitable for different requirements and can alter the glass less or more. It is possible to increase the safety classification of glass with films – from P2A to P3A or even P4A.

In addition to security films with different thicknesses and durability properties, we also offer films with different looks. Standard films are clear and transparent, they do not change the optical properties of the glass and remain invisible when applied to the glass – it still looks like the ordinary glass. Such security film has no mirror effect and does not change the appearance of the window in any way. However, safety films are also available in tinted form upon request. Tinted security film makes it difficult to see through the glass, making the room more private and increasing the level of safety. In addition, the tinted window reduces the amount of sunlight shining into the room and protects against UV radiation and fading.

We also have films with mirror surfaces. Such film changes the appearance of the window by adding a mirror effect to the outer surface of the window. The reflective film hides the interior of the building, offering the highest level of privacy. In addition, this film reflects sunlight back, protecting the room from excessive heat, UV radiation, fading and the unpleasantly bright sun. As the film with a reflective surface reflects light back without absorbing it, it also effectively keeps the internal temperature of the building stable.

Price of security film

When filming house windows, the starting price for classic safety films is 25 € / m2 + VAT. The exact price depends on the chosen material, the location of the object, the condition of the windows, their accessibility and other individual factors of the respective property.

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