Advertising films production and installation

We offer a high-quality and fast service for the production and installation of advertising films. In our wide range of products, you will find suitable solutions for short-term, medium-term and long-term projects. If you have any questions, our experts will help you make the right choice!

– Why do you need advertising films?


The production of advertising films is an effective way of advertising a company, which in its multifunctionality is well suited for other purposes, such as temporary celebration, or for decorative purposes.

Using advertising films is a good way to advertise a company and to get people’s attention and interest in them. In order to be remembered by potential customers and to link your brand to your field of activity, you need to act purposefully, part of which is being visible in the cityscape. To do this, it is worth marking the location of your company, among other things, by placing an advertising film with the company’s logo, name and identification colors on the windows. It is also good to increase your visibility elsewhere, which is a good way to label your company car(s) with your company logo and name.

Using advertising film is a great opportunity for a company to invest in a permanent branding tool with a one-time outlay.

Advertising films are extremely convenient to use even if there is a need for short-term labels. The semi-permanent adhesive used to apply these films makes the films easily removable from most surfaces for up to 1 year from installation. This makes advertising films an indispensable tool when it comes to celebrating, for example, signage, sales promotional signs, billboards and other similar things during trade fairs, concerts, other events and also roadworks.

Advertising films are a suitable solution for decorating glass walls, doors, windows, screens, cabinets and mirrors. The glass and mirror surfaces of both the home and the office can be easily and quickly decorated with films with a beautiful pattern, color and effect, and the result remains cozy and aesthetic. We offer a wide range of advertising films with different decorative effects for every taste.

Advertising films can be divided into two groups that can withstand indoor and outdoor conditions differently: short-term and long- and medium-life films.

– Short-term advertising films


These films last perfectly for up to 5 years. This makes short-term films the best solution when marking is needed for a temporary event: fairs, roadworks, concerts, temporary signage, etc. The color range is wide and both matte and glossy films are available.

– Medium and long life advertising films


These advertising films are suitable for a more permanent solution, as they are much more durable: for marking company logos, decorating a home or office, etc. The range of colors is very wide and the durability is 5-10 years, depending on the film and the environment.