Why do we need solar control films?

– Solar control films

Solar control film is a film that is applied to the windows of a building in order to add value to the windows. The window film can be given various additional functions to the window, for example:

  • Protecting the indoor climate of a building from excessive heat entering through windows;
  • Maintaining a suitable indoor temperature in the building;
  • Saving on heating and cooling costs;
  • Protection against excessive solar radiation entering through windows;
  • Ensuring greater privacy;
  • Enhancing security;
  • Protection of the interior of the building against fading;
  • If desired, changing the exterior of the building facade.

The working principle of the solar control film is that by applying the film to the window, the absorption of solar heat energy in the window glass or the reflection of solar radiation from the window is increased (whereas in the case of a reflective film the reflectivity of the glass may or may not be visible). As a result, unwanted additional heat and light does not penetrate into the interior of the building and the percentage of transparency of the window glass can be modified.

– Thermal energy

is one of the main features of window film. The solar control film repels up to 79% of solar radiation, thus improving the interior conditions of the building, which has a favorable effect on working and living conditions.
The solar control film can block UV radiation, infrared radiation and limit the amount of visible light indoors. By reducing the amount of radiation, the indoor climate and temperature of the building can be controlled much better. This plays a particularly important role in the spring-summer period, when long hours of sunlight raise the room temperature and can disturb the working environment.
For example, in a hot and cluttered classroom, it is more difficult for both teachers and students to focus on schoolwork and solving tasks, having fallen into a frenzy and become easily irritated by the incessant sunshine. Excessive heat does not promote labor productivity – quite the contrary. Office risk is disturbed by excessive heat and the resulting discomfort, sweating and tight shoes, which reduces their efficiency at work. In a hot room, the thought moves slowly, the finger gradually slides over the correct line of text on the computer mouse hidden in an increasingly wetted palm, the steady, weak irritation deepens – (un) suitable indoor temperature directly affects the company’s profitability.
Filmed windows save the day. When the blazing sun no longer bothers people from the window, Juhan becomes smart because Juku was able to study, and now Juhan is awake and alert in the office, working hard and coming up with an inventive solution that saves his team’s project despite the beautiful day of May.
The phenomenon of solar control film is its insulating properties, which ensure efficiency in both summer and winter. Depending on the installation conditions, the film can be installed on both the inner and outer surface of the window. Each building is unique, so every project is. To ensure the most suitable choice of solar control film and installation method, we always recommend consulting our specialists to avoid the most common installation errors.
As newer buildings usually have larger glazed areas, the excessive light emitted from the window tends to become an increasing problem.

– Fading

Can be a big problem in many areas. Among other things, various textile and other industries dealing with textiles, museums, homes, hospitals, schools-kindergartens, shops, etc. face fading issues.
The biggest causes of fading are UV radiation with 40%, visible light with 25% and infrared radiation with 25%. This means that a solar control film that blocks these different radiations is a great way to prevent fading. Different solar control films can repel different types of radiation. For example, 3M Prestige 90EX film is perfectly suitable for shop windows, which is completely transparent and invisible to the eye, but at the same time repels 99.9% of UV radiation and a large part of infrared radiation.

– Privacy and security

It is often a matter of concern or even a problem in densely populated areas, where buildings are characterized by large windows or where the windows of the house are on a lower floor, and where passers-by can easily peek in if they wish.
In such cases, a solar control film is well suited for ensuring privacy and hiding your home and property from unwanted glances. With the solar control film, it is possible to tint the windows darker, reducing the possibility of seeing through the window, or to create a mirror effect on the glass. In this case, it looks beautiful inside through the window, but not the other way around, and the person outside can only admire their mirror image.
In addition, we have the film Solargard LX70, which is able to reflect different wavelengths of infrared radiation, which means that this film prevents eavesdropping. The film is very light, almost invisible.
The issue of potential window breakage is also a safety and security issue. If the glass breaks, broken glass can cause significant damage to property and occupants if it breaks. The safety film makes the impact resistance of the window in such a way that if the glass breaks, the safety film holds the broken glass shards together and the window in the frame. The broken window still works and is weatherproof until new window arrives.


– The appearance of the facade of the house

can be easily and successfully made with different shades of solar control films.
The reasons for wanting to change the look of the exterior façade may be different. When designing the appearance of a building, the goal may be, for example, its purity of style, and it is desired to see a few specific colors on the facade. This vision is disturbed by the different tastes of each apartment owner in terms of the choice of colors for their curtains or apartment walls, which together make the overall impression of the building quite colorful. A sensible solution that allows the occupants of the house and the tenants of the building to still design the windows according to their taste, but miraculously fulfills the goal of improving and harmonizing the appearance, is to film the windows with solar control film. If you film the entire facade with the same film, you can tint all the windows in one color.

Light pollution

is a growing problem as newer buildings have very large areas of glass.

Bright sunlight interferes with vision, can be harmful to the eyes, tiring constantly squeaking and can distort colors. Bright sunlight interferes with vision, can be harmful to the eyes, tiring constantly squeaking and can distort colors. Excessive solar radiation is often a problem in factories, which interferes with operation of various equipment and interferes with the operation of machine tool sensors. Excessive sunlight can be a problem in hospitals. With different house films we can adjust the amount of light coming through the windows.

– Solar control films

Is a great tool that solves many different problems in one go. In many cases, multiple problems can be solved with a single film. Solar control film is a worthwhile investment!