Decorative films


Decorative films

The selection of decorative films is very wide. Decorative films are available in different finished patterns and colors, transparent and opaque. Decorative films are used for a wide variety of purposes.

Decorative films allow to change the color of glass, create different patterns on the glass, add corporate branding elements, graphics and information.

Matt decorative film

It is often used on glass partitions. In these cases the client often provides the design, which is then custom cut out of film. Matte film is also installed for privacy purposes, often in offices and meeting rooms. Matte film limits the view, but retains light in the room.

Coloured decorative films

These are often used in creating striking spatial solutions. The colours of the films may transparent, opaque, with a stained glass effect, completely clear and translucent. It is possible to completely change the atmosphere and feel of the interior by simply applying a suitably coloured film to parts or entire glass surfaces of the building.