Car services


Window tinting

Tinted film installed on car windows is a worthwhile investment that will benefit the car owner immediately after installation. The tint film blocks harmful UV radiation, reflects back heat radiation and makes the windows more durable. 

Windows replacement and glass work

In addition to providing a wide range of filming services, we can aid you in changing your car’s windows. We have necessary training and knowledge to replace front window as well as all side and back windows.

Car wrapping

There are multiple reasons, why you should consider car wrapping. It is a multifunctional tool that helps you to protect your car while giving it a brand new look.

Polishing and filming of lights

Because new cars have plastic lights, they wear out over time. Only by polishing the properties of the lights can be restored, but not for a very long time. In addition to polishing, it would be advisable to film the lights. 

Cleaning service

We can offer high-quality car cleaning services in collaboration with our experienced partner. Entrust your car to us and let our skilled partner take care of your vehicle with the highest professionalism.