Car wrapping


Car wrapping

There are multiple reasons, why you should consider car wrapping. It is a multifunctional tool that helps you to protect your car while giving it a brand new look.


  • Change of the appearance – often companies aim to have a cohesive corporate look, including having their vehicles look alike. Wrapping cars with film will aid in reaching that objective. In addition, it is possible to wrap only parts of car or add special stickers. Sometimes the change of appearance comes from local or national requirements, such requirements may be present for taxis and public service cars like police, ambulance and rescue services.
  • Design and tuning – car bodies can be wrapped partially as well as entirely. You can change the entire look of the car, add custom details and make it stand out. Often race cars and demo cars are wrapped for this purpose.
  • Paint protection – car wrapping wil help you protect your car from minor scratches, fading our colour, bug stains, damage from small stones, salt and tar. If you remove the film years later, the original paint loooks flawless, thus reducing the depreciation of the car value. In order to get best possible results, wash the car properly and remove all possible stains and tar.

All car body films will receive a warranty. The warranty period depends on the specific film, but can be from two up to seven years.