Cleaning service


Car washing services from our partner.

We can offer high quality car cleaning services in collaboration with our experienced partner. Entrust your car to us and let our skilled partner take care of your vehicle with the highest professionalism. Our partner has been committed to car maintenance for years and in the process they have gained a wealth of experience. They approach each car individually, choosing the best possible products and techniques based on the specifics of the given car, thus ensuring the most optimal result. As a result, your car will receive the best possible maintenance from us! Regular maintenance is an investment necessary to maintain the car’s features. Both the technical side and the appearance of the car must be taken care of regularly. The visual aspect is important, but maintenance also protects the car’s body which is especially important in Estonia’s changing weather conditions and salted winter roads. A proper “cleaning package” makes the car durable and immediately more beautiful. Every vehicle is worth maintaining!

The list of services includes all work performed in a high-level car cleaning salon:


Exterior wash
During the exterior wash, the car is completely de-stained, shampooed, deeply cleaned the wheels, dried, cleaned the doorways and rubber mats, and washed the wheel arches.

During engine wash, the outer surfaces of the engine, the edges of the bonnet and hatch and the inner surface of the bonnet are cleaned.

Interior cleaning
The service includes cleaning the cabin with a vacuum cleaner and cleaning the interior windows. In addition, dashboard and plastic surfaces and ventilation openings are cleaned and maintained.

Interior dry cleaning
This service includes dry cleaning of the cabin and luggage compartment surfaces, cleaning and maintenance of leather surfaces, cleaning and maintenance of plastic surfaces and cleaning of interior windows. If necessary, wet cleaning of the seats is also performed.

Leather care
The leather parts (seats, upholstery, dashboard, steering wheel, etc.) are cleaned and then maintained with a leather cream and protective agent.

Waxing includes exterior washing, complete pitch removal, manual waxing, plastic surface care and deep rim cleaning.

During the polishing service, exterior washing, drying, various polishing steps and waxing are performed.

Car pre-sale preparation
The service completely prepares the car for sale and thoroughly cleans it. The car is subjected to exterior washing, engine washing, polishing, waxing and dry cleaning of the cabin. After that, the car looks like new!

If the service you want is not among the above services, feel free to contact us and ask for more!