Completed works | Car body wrapping


This car was bought to go hunting in the forest, due to which the car needs more protection than usual. That’s why the whole body was covered with transparent Xpel Ultimate Plus film. In addition, we installed the 3M1080-G344 Gloss Liquid Copper on the previously purchased canopy to make it the same shade as the new car.


This Mercedes-Benz got a completely new look by the Kileprof team. In addition to filming the entire body with tinted film, we also painted the black-gray structural plastic parts with a glossy black color, and we also filmed all the glasses with tinted film. We covered the car body with Diamond Red shade film.


Volkswagen California received a protective film on its entire body. The brand new camping bus needed a protective film mainly due to its function – when passing through different landscapes, there is a risk that while driving, flying rocks and different branches and plants in nature will damage the color of the vehicle. Since there was no desire to change the color of the car, the translucent Xpel Ultimate Plus film was chosen.


This Cadillac model is a real rare find in Estonia. Kileprof has had the honor of working with two of the only five cars here in Estonia. This time the customer wanted to cover only the most worn parts of the car body – headlights, door frames, trunks loading area and the area around the door handles. In addition, we covered the door windows and rear windows with tinted films.


This Kia Stinger got a full-body Xpel protective film. In addition, we wrapped the Kia badges on the rims, boot lid, and hood with Xpel Black protective film. Windows of the vehicle were covered with tinted film.


This brand new Kia Stinger got a protective film layer even before it hit the streets. For design purposes, we added black design elements. For car body we used 3M 2080-G15 Gloss Bright Yellow film and for the design elements 3M 2080-G12 Gloss Black film. Wrapping was ordered by A&T Sport and Viking Motors.


The new Lamborghini Huracan EVO came to our shop for a protective film on the front part of the car body. In addition to the car hood, we also filmed front bumper, front wings and side mirrors. We used Xpel Ultimate Plus protective film.


For this vehicle we were able to do something different than what we usually do. Customer wanted to change the look of the car entirely to turn it into a suitable hunting and terrain vehicle. The selected film was 3M 2080-SB12 Shadow Black matte textured one, which is rather unusual for cars. The entire car body was covered with the textured film.


This blue Porsche Taycan had only been on the roads for 5000 km and already had micro scratches from pebbles, dust and dirt that fly around in traffic. In order to prevent further damages we filmed the front bumper, hood, headlights, front wings, doorhandles and trunk loading area with Xpel protective film. As the car was already in our shop, the client decided to also have the back window covered with Per15 tinted film.